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WordPress – Minor Upgrade

WordPress is out and i’ll spending a little while upgrading the various WP blogs i administer. Quick How-to for upgrading from to (Minor Upgrade) – Security Fix 1. Backup (db and files) 2. no changes were made to db so no need to run upgrade.php 3. Replace these 5 files: /wp-login.php /xmlrpc.php [...]

Grokster Fallout

Many articles are being written regarding the the Supreme Court’s decision in the MGM v. Grokster case on Monday June 27, 2005. Most seem to believe this will be some kind of set back, or obsticle to technological innovation, etc. A great place to start reading would be EEDJ blog’s article entitled: “Grokster Commentary Roundup“. [...]

Damn Small Linux, damn.

Because i like to make it my business to know (at least a little) about the top 10 Linux distributions, i had to look into Damn Small Linux. It crept it’s way up in at #10 and we’ll see where it goes from there. It is a minimalist distro, 50Mb total size, and could even [...]

Practical Planning Guides (GIAC)

These are guides offered by former graduates of the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) program. They are meant to aid those seeking a security related certification, particularly the research paper which is a unique requirement to GIAC. 5 Guides are offered, and they can all be found on the GIAC website.

Symphony OS Alpha 3

[ page last updated: Aug. 14, 2005. ] I have to remember to keep an eye out for this up and coming Linux Distribution. From the screenshots [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] on their site, it looks really different. It is still only in the alpha stages at this time, and i should [...]

technology advocacy

3 sites that are the ones that comment/criticize, and overall just keep a tab on everything going on in the world of technology and copyright infringement » Electronic Frontier Foundation » Consumer Electronics Association » Public Knowledge

Minimize Windows 2K / XP

steps that can be taken to tighten security on these two operating systems (aside from installing a personal firewall). 1. minimize network services 2. Disable Microsoft Messenger Service – Here are the procedures: Windows 2000: * Click: Start/Settings/Control Panel * Open: Administrative Tools * Open: Services * Open: ‘Messenger’ Service * Click: Stop button * [...]

final touches – smoothwall

here are 6 things i can still do to modify / improve my smoothie: 1. [2.0] Guardian – Reactive Firewall (v2.1) 2. [2.0] DShield Log Submission & Blocklist v.1.5.2 3. [2.0] MyNetWatchman – Intrusion Escalation (v1.2c) 4. [2.0] A BLUE interface (in progress) 5. [2.0] LaBrea 2.5 Stable 1 – Honeypot / IDS daemon 6. [...]

smoothwall, kiwi, and syslog

this is a how-to on setting up smoothwall, kiwi, and syslog – link leads to the smoothwall forums. also check out this freeware Syslog Daemon for Windows – the site has other related resources. ex: . Kiwi Syslog Daemon . Kiwi CatTools . Kiwi Secure Tunnel . Kiwi SyslogGen . Kiwi Logfile Viewer . Kiwi [...]

ping-o-matic and more

here’s a list of sites to ping from Wordpress posts. (thanks to Elliot Back for putting it all together).

actually, these seemed to seriously slow down the act of posting, so maybe not all the sites at once..