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Natural Selection: evolution of the modern desktop

Imagine a desktop OS that is so thin that you could barely even see it. Most of the time, you aren’t even aware of it. There is nothing to install, nothing to update, nothing to [mis]configure, and so nothing to crash. Nothing. That is what i want from my next OS. “NothingOS” is the name [...]

working with columns and colors

Here are a few more drafts.. In these ones i’ve added more style to stuff like links, changed a few of the colors around, added an image to the header, as well as set both fixed and fluid widths for the main layout. as usual, i’m not sure which i like best.

draft 2 – back to the drawing board

here are some new drafts i’ve been working. most of the previous design elements have been changed, but the basic structure for the css layout (1 wide column, 2 right columns) is still being used. i’m not set on any of these colors either.

Approaching Design: Process for Perspective

[ page last updated: Sep. 17, 2005. ] Since i’ve been completely preoccupied with redesigning this website, i thought it might be useful to lay down some of the key concepts i have been trying to focus on when approaching design. The process varies slightly from project to project, but the general idea remains the [...]

draft 1.0 – getting somewhere

now, i think i’m finally getting somewhere. layout is coming together, as well as images for use as backgrounds for different elements

2 possible widths: narrow and wide

not sure which width to choose.. (colors are still undecided as well)

site upgraded to WP 1.5.2

WordPress released version 1.5.2 – installed. Minor problem with jVisitors [corrected by upgrading the plugin to version 1.8]. New features include: – the ability to “Save and Continue Editing” pages (not just posts) – Post titles in Comment Feeds (to help identify the post) – No More Waiting indefinitely for posts after publishing them (ie: [...]

possible color schemes ~

These are some color schemes i might use in the next redesign – Nothing too fancy, i think i just need to stare at these for a couple more hours, or days…

3 different ways to walk away from Windows

As a follow up to an earlier post entitled: Windows to Linux: Baby Steps, and because i just can’t stop investigating new operating systems, i’ve decided to give a brief description of 3 distros that caught my eye this week. While all of these distributions have easy of use (installation, familiarity, etc) as a major [...]

Sync Pocket PC to Linux desktop

i’ve been looking for something like this for over a year now… Linux offers many alternatives to Windows based softwares. From internet browsers to word processors, almost every area of Windows computing seems to have a Linux counterpart (or maybe it’s the other way around). Anyway, some time last december, i set out looking for [...]

Time to add some style ~

i’ve been considering doing a redesign of this site. right now, i’m aiming for a 2 week overhaul, but i might just go nuts one night and finish it sooner. until now i’ve tried to focus on getting comfortable with posting to this relatively new site, the wordpress issues, etc. but i’ve got lot’s of [...]

Windows to Linux: Baby Steps.

Every so often, i get myself into an uncomfortable situation that involves me trying to explain to someone why they should to switch from Windows to Linux. It goes something like this, “because it’s faster, more secure, …” — but for some reason i just never know where to begin. I end up either confusing the person or just scaring them off with too much technical jargon.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list that compared Windows to Linux softwares, side-by-side. That way, i could describe the difference between the two operating systems in terms that people were already familiar with. Try Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, Thunderbird instead of Outlook Express.. and so on.