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3 week shakedown, 2 RSS readers remain.

This article will look at the remaining 4 RSS readers ( SearchFox, Rojo, Bloglines, Newsgator Online ) that i am reviewing and eliminate another 2 services based on usability and personal preference. Note: any pros / cons stated below are in addition to the ones already mentioned here. The Recap: RSS? Why. ( evolution of [...]

feeds fixed

the site feeds were complaining of an: XML Parsing Error: xml processing instruction not at start of external entity visitors who subscribed through Bloglines and Newsgator wouldn’t have noticed any problems, but if you tried to add the feed to Searchfox you’d get an error asking you to validate the feed or check to make [...]

Good Design will set you free: Moment of Zen

Over a month ago i mentioned (in the site news) that i was planning to do a redesign of this website. Well 2 weeks (yah right) is quickly turning into 2 months and the top of my head is beginning to hurt from all the concepts and details that i’m trying to keep together and [...]

destined for extinction

here are 3 more colors schemes, and other minor design ideas i had. all of these have already been abandoned, but i thought i’d put them up anyway.

Adventures in wireless networking: Linksys WRT54G / WRE54G setup

Wireless networking is on the rise, has been for some time now. Many homes and small businesses have already made the switch and many more are still considering whether they should take the plunge. Sure wireless technology is sometimes considered less reliable than its wired counterpart, and probably less secure too. But the promise of [...]

New FireFox Vulnerability: Remote Buffer Overflow

[ page last updated: Sep. 24, 2005. ] Both FrSIRT and CNET are reporting a recently discovered security vulnerability affecting all versions of Firefox, including the recently released Firefox 1.5 Beta. According to FrSIRT, “A vulnerability has been identified in Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Suite, which could be exploited by remote attackers to execute arbitrary [...]

1 week comparison: SearchFox, Feedster, Pluck, Bloglines, Rojo, and NewsGator

[ page last updated: Oct. 21, 2005. ] i can’t believe an entire week has gone by.. i wanted to take a couple of hours each day to test out these 6 feed readers, but i gotta say that i still can’t decide which one i feel most comfortable with. looks like i may have [...]

So you think you can RSS? How.

[ This is a follow up to a previous article entitled: "So you think you can RSS? Why", which looks at the evolution of the internet and why RSS and other feed formats are so popular today. ] Everyday i seem to find at least 2-3 new websites that i think are really cool and [...]

added to feedster today

No Need to Click Here – I’m just claiming my feed at Feedster