Monthly Archives October 2005

NetVibes: 4 new features in 7 days

[ page last updated: Dec. 30, 2005. ] Count ‘em, 4 new features added to NetVibes in the last 7 days – now that’s just impressive. I’ve actually been casually using netvibes to for simple stuff like checking the weather and comparing prices between 2 similar products (like ipod nano vs. ipod mini prices). I [...]

Sound editing on a budget with Linux

About a year and a half ago, I did some initial research to try and find a decent sound editing solution for a Linux machine i had recently built. The computer was running RedHat Fedora Core 1, which was still pretty new at the time, and it had almost everything you’d come to expect from [...]

WordPress Plugin: Extended Live Archive | setup

I just installed Sons Of Skadi’s Extended Live Archive plugin for wordpress because the archives page on this site was getting a little out of control and i wanted to test out a few wordpress plugins that might help to make things a little bit more usable. The Extended Live Archive plugin uses javascript and [...]