Monthly Archives December 2007

Site Upgraded – A little facelift is all

- Finally got around to upgrading from WP 2.0.11 to WP 2.3.1 – This site was in maintenance mode for a good part of the evening due to an incompatibility with WP 2.3.1 and the previous theme used here on Techblog. I spent some time trying to work out the problems but the breakage was [...]

WP 2.3 Plugin – Limit Visibility by Capability

This plugin is pretty simple (yet effective) – so i’ll try and keep things short. You can use this plugin to limit the visibility of your WordPress 2.3 site to only logged in users that have a specific (pre-defined) WP Capability. Any of the standard WP Capabilities can be used, like: read, edit_posts, publish_posts, edit_users, [...]