The Site:

The philosophy behind TechBlog is simple: Write about and review current technologies in a clear and easy to read manner.

Many of the articles started out as extensions of the author’s personal interests, which can vary quite dramatically from day to day. Mostly, this site serves as a creative outlet for developing thoughts, working out new ideas, testing out and writing about interesting web technologies.

Topics covered throughout this site include: open source, social media, programming for the web, seo, linux, microsoft, google, security, and WordPress.

TechBlog first went online: Sun, 22/05/2005.
It is the official blog for Touchbasic Networks.

Technical Details:

This site was built using -

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The Author:

Techblog is currently maintained by Elran Oded.

Elran is currently working as a web developer. He is also a bit of an entrepreneur, web/internet consultant, server administrator, web designer, and computer technician.

His professional interests include: WordPress, web apps, usability, linux, security, networks, open source, web standards.

You can find more info about the author at any one of these:

He is the:

  • Co-Founder, Indyish Artists Network
  • Founder, TouchBasic Networks

Domain Administrator for:

[Note: This page is still a work in progress. It took over 6 months to get this much out, so you'd think everything that needs to be said would be accounted for. Nevertheless, some aspects of this site are still taking shape and are by definition: very difficult to put into writing. Still, it's definitely better than the vague, sparsely scattered 5 sentences that were living here up until now.]