AJAX and the Yahoo Mindset

i’ve seen a lot of search engines..
but why should i bother to use them, why should i bother to visit them even once?
everybody knows that Google is the center of the web universe. Right?

i guess..

but yesterday i stumbled onto something new. it represented a change in the way we have been made to think about search engines. it wasn’t focused on the usual stuff like rankings, and popularity which often overshadow things like relevence and useful content. but most importantly, it promises to give more power to the users..

they said it was an “Intent-driven Search Engine”.
they said more things like, “search sorted the way you like it”.
the project is called Yahoo! Mindset, by the way.

Although it is still in beta, the search engine is already quite functional. what it does first is give you the standard yahoo results page based on your search. but you also get a slider that you can drag to the left or right depending on your intent. right now, you can apparently only have 2 intentions, either commercial or informational. but still, it’s something..

ads.. no ads.. ads.. no ads..

also, because it uses what Yahoo calls “machine learning” technology, it will be getting smarter all the time. that is to say, right now, it is not very smart. you’re more likely to get something like:

ads.. less adds.. ads.. less adds.

to be fair though, using this search engine without moving the slider gives you the same results as a standard yahoo search. so i’d say it is safe to give it a try. and if i used the original Yahoo! search engine on a regular basis, i’d definitely switch to Yahoo! Mindset. but i don’t so..

well i’m still going to keep my eye on this one.

What makes it so smart (in my opinion)

  1. it’s a new way to search, not just a new type of search
  2. it uses a slider (who doesn’t like sliders?)
  3. anything that gives me more ways to filter is ok in my books (ie: google’s advanced search needs to be more advanced)
  4. it uses AJAX technology, always good to see new applications of this technique
  5. there are no page refreshes (i think this i one of the biggest advantages of using AJAX, and i like the way it is used here)

For more information on AJAX, and it’s various implementations read » AJAX: A Closer look

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