Been pretty quiet here lately

If any of your have been wondering why there haven’t been too many new posts on TechBlog recently, it’s because i’ve been way busy the last few weeks. i realize that my excuse is about as credible in the blogging world as “the dog ate my homework” would be in high school but i set a personal record in website development: 2 sites in 4 weeks.

The first of these sites is called Worn Fashion Journal, and if you check it out you’ll find that it is driven by WordPress using a custom template i designed for them. Many of the graphic design elements were already more or less prepared which is always good. The site is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0, hand-coded, using nothing more that a text editor and my imagination to bring it all together.

The second site is still considered to be beta, although the bulk of the coding is done. It’s currently closed to the public (but you can request an invite). It’s called indyish and you can get some more info on the small homepage that was temporarily set up. It too was built on top of a heavily modified version of WordPress using several custom templates. Once it’s done, it should validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0 as well.

In any case, i’ll hopefully be posting more regularly this month, as there are currently no new projects on the horizon. There is still much to do with both Worn and indyish to keep me busy through to the next year so it’s probably for the best. Also, as promised, a redesign will hopefully be coming for TechBlog some time in the near future. i would hesitate, at this point, to pin down a specific date (seeing as how i can’t seem to settle on anything i’ve been coming up with recently), so let’s just say it’s coming. that’s all i got, for now..

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