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Quick fix to get Simple Tags plugin working with WordPress 2.9+

Note: There’s a new version of Simple Tags that works with WP 2.9.1 so no need for this hack anymore. If you’re using the Simple Tags plugin, you might be holding off on upgrading to WordPress 2.9.1 because this plugin is only Compatible up to: 2.8. Well, turns out the plugin does actually seem to [...]

How to increase the size of a VMware vmdk file formatted as linux lvm

VMware can run many cool operating systems on a single host computer. But, having run the software for an extended amount of time, i eventually always run out of space on my guest OSes. This happened a few times before, but it wasn’t until my VM really froze up on me that i figured it [...]

WordPress Plugin – Notify Admin Only of WP Updates

Update: This plugin is tested and known to be working with WP 2.9.1 ok, with the release of WordPress 2.8.3 – if finally got around to upgrading my Notify Admin Only plugin to work with WP 2.8+ Download Plugin: Notify Admin Only v2.0 in case you’re not sure what this plugin actually does, well, it [...]

Single unified login for multiple WordPress 2.8 installs in subdirectories using cookies

i used to have a single sign on working between several WordPress sites, one in the root directory, others in subdirectories, even a few installs that ran off of subdomains. basically, you could log in to one site and you’d be logged into all of these sites. that was before the big upgrade of WP [...]

WP 2.3 Plugin – Per Post Creative Commons License

This plugin will add the ability to choose different Creative Commons licensing structures for different posts that you publish to your WordPress blog. As far as i could tell, there are currently 2 other CC plugins for WordPress – wpLicense and cc-configurator – however both of them only let you set your license on a [...]

Using Subversion with WordPress – Part 2: Maintaining Vendor Branches and Upgrading WP Core Files

This article assumes you have already read, “Using Subversion with WordPress – Part 1: Creating Vendor Branches and Integrating your Existing Code“. In short, you want to use Subversion to track/maintain local versions of both WordPress code and your own internal project code, side-by-side, all in the same svn repository. In the previously mentioned article [...]

Using Subversion with WordPress – Part 1: Creating Vendor Branches and Integrating your Existing Code

This article assumes that you’ve read the basic svn howto and the more specific one provided on the WP Codex but would like to try or need a setup similar to that described here on a page called: Vendor branches. In short, you want to use Subversion to track/maintain local versions of both WordPress code [...]

WordPress 2.3 Plugin – ezmlm mailing list subscribe form

ezmlm is a qmail-based mailing list manager written by Dan J. Bernstein. From their site: “It has all the basic functionality of a mailing list manager, such as subscriber address management including automated bounce handling as well as message distribution and archiving. Its purpose is to efficiently send a message to a large number of [...]

WP 2.3 Plugin – Limit Visibility by Capability

This plugin is pretty simple (yet effective) – so i’ll try and keep things short. You can use this plugin to limit the visibility of your WordPress 2.3 site to only logged in users that have a specific (pre-defined) WP Capability. Any of the standard WP Capabilities can be used, like: read, edit_posts, publish_posts, edit_users, [...]

How to get the WPG2 plugin to work with Thickbox

If you have a Gallery2 installation intergrated with WordPress 2.3 – using the WPG2 plugin – then you are probably aware that the G2Image chooser includes a choice for inserting images into posts using the LightBox effect and pointing to a full-sized image. Well, i needed a choice/option that worked in a similar way but [...]

WP 2.3.1 Plugin – Notify Admin Only of WordPress Updates

Notice: This is an older version. To Download the newest version of the Notify Admin Only plugin – go here. Well, WordPress 2.3.1 is out and if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t upgraded.. I know it was just released yesterday but for those of you who had already upgraded to WP2.3 within the [...]

Live Category-based OPML template for WordPress 2.0

ok, here’s a little something i’ve been messing with.. i wanted to generate an OPML file based on all the different types of feeds offered with the default WordPress installation. that is, every WP site has a “main” site feed (in rdf, rss, and atom), but there are also category (and subcategory) feeds, as well [...]