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Styling XML using CSS and XSLT

In order to begin styling XML documents, a basic understanding of CSS and HTML (or XHTML) is recommended, but not required. In fact, today many sites that run on blogging software like Wordpress can generate XML feeds (commonly used with RSS and ATOM readers) automatically, and there are certainly enough tutorials online to get anyone with even a basic understanding of the web started on the path to becoming a designer.

Web 2.0 – Where are you?

As a follow up to the earlier post entitled AJAX: A Closer Look, i decided to dig deeper into this new technique and the trends in web design / programming that appear to be emerging. The term Web 2.0 is commonly used to refer to a new generation of web applications and systems.

AJAX: A Closer look

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a term describing a web development technique for creating interactive web applications..

HTML Sandbox Tool

I came across an excellent web programmers’ site called
It has tutorials for several popular coding languages including:

& Number ; (ASCII chart)

these are numeric ways of displaying the same types of special characters as described in an earlier post entitled: “& Commands ;“.

Colors Names and Numbers

Here are the 3 sites i use as reference when designing a website: Color Names and Hexadecimals in HTML, by Zoltex Built [ good if your looking to use names like yellow, blueviolet, limegreen, etc. ] Websafe Colour Chart, by Daxassist [ simple chart, concise, for if you want hexidecimal numbers - ie: #FF9933 or [...]

& Commands ;

so i don’t ever lose this info again [ taken from ]