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WP 2.3 Plugin – Per Post Creative Commons License

This plugin will add the ability to choose different Creative Commons licensing structures for different posts that you publish to your WordPress blog. As far as i could tell, there are currently 2 other CC plugins for WordPress – wpLicense and cc-configurator – however both of them only let you set your license on a [...]

plagiarism, copyright infringement, and piracy – oh my

It seems the spread of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and piracy knows no boundaries. First it was the Record Industry, then the Movie Industry, even the future of books has come into question.

This time, it’s not the musicians, or moviestars, but regular bloggers that are being hit.

Grokster Fallout

Many articles are being written regarding the the Supreme Court’s decision in the MGM v. Grokster case on Monday June 27, 2005. Most seem to believe this will be some kind of set back, or obsticle to technological innovation, etc. A great place to start reading would be EEDJ blog’s article entitled: “Grokster Commentary Roundup“. [...]

technology advocacy

3 sites that are the ones that comment/criticize, and overall just keep a tab on everything going on in the world of technology and copyright infringement » Electronic Frontier Foundation » Consumer Electronics Association » Public Knowledge