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How to get the WPG2 plugin to work with Thickbox

If you have a Gallery2 installation intergrated with WordPress 2.3 – using the WPG2 plugin – then you are probably aware that the G2Image chooser includes a choice for inserting images into posts using the LightBox effect and pointing to a full-sized image. Well, i needed a choice/option that worked in a similar way but [...]

WP 2.3.1 Plugin – Notify Admin Only of WordPress Updates

Notice: This is an older version. To Download the newest version of the Notify Admin Only plugin – go here. Well, WordPress 2.3.1 is out and if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t upgraded.. I know it was just released yesterday but for those of you who had already upgraded to WP2.3 within the [...]

Scribd – publish, convert, embed, analyze, and read documents online.

i just signed up for a Scribd account and i must say: i am really impressed. the site is clean, and full of useful functionality. you don’t even need to signup to start using Scribd. you can simply upload a document to see it in action. Scribd will convert your document into an embedded pdf [...]

Web-based Visual Workspaces: A Thinkature Wish List.

Over the last few months, i’ve tested a number of Flash-based online visualization tools, like Gliffy, and i still prefer the opensource, ajax approach. Of these, my favorite right now, is Thinkature. I’m not going to do a full blown review of their features since i feel their website does a pretty good job of [...]

VMTN Virtual Appliances – the 52 that looked interesting to me

I have been using vmware for a while now.. Recently, i got sucked into the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) site – again – and browsing through the many virtual appliances available for download, i managed to compile a list of 52 of my favorites. All you need to do is download the free VMware Player, [...]

Finally got around to doing an upgrade

big move.. from WordPress 1.5.2 all the way up to 2.0.5 ! anyway, got most of the site running pretty smoothly again. still some functionality (ie: plugins) that are on the fritz. looking into them shortly. but until then – no tags feature, and some other minor things. a lot more changes on the way.. [...]

More New Features from

I recently wrote about a web-based service called that can monitor your servers, 24/7 – sending you an email notification if any of them stop responding. Well, they noticed my review, and i’m not sure if it was just a coincidence, but the next time i logged into their system – there were even [...]

Try out my Google Co-op Custom Search Engines

Google co-op is just what i’ve been waiting for. I swear, sometimes it’s like google is reading my mind. almost every tweek or change i’ve wished for over the last year or so, has eventually come true. To think, just one year prior to that, i was joking with a few friends that Gmail was [...]

Monitoring, Monitorus, Montastic – Server Uptime Anyone?

Here’s a couple of neato services that you can use to monitor any web server’s uptime throughout the day. I’ve been looking for a free service like this for a while now. Web-based software that would track the response times of your servers from various points on the internet, giving you a “true” feel for [...]

Live Category-based OPML template for WordPress 2.0

ok, here’s a little something i’ve been messing with.. i wanted to generate an OPML file based on all the different types of feeds offered with the default WordPress installation. that is, every WP site has a “main” site feed (in rdf, rss, and atom), but there are also category (and subcategory) feeds, as well [...]

Round 2: Video-based Social Networking Reviewed

My previous article covered 3 major players in the video-based social networking space. Catch up on what i said about YouTube, Guba, and Jumpcut or just wing it and read on.. This time around i’ll be reviewing 3 relatively new web services. Each of these sites is unique in some way, and offers its own [...]

3 Video-based Social Networks Reviewed

Over the last few days i’ve had the opportunity to try out 3 excellent social networking services. All of them have built their communities around the concept that people want to upload and share video files with their friends and family – they just needed a central place to do it in. Well, today it [...]