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How to increase the size of a VMware vmdk file formatted as linux lvm

VMware can run many cool operating systems on a single host computer. But, having run the software for an extended amount of time, i eventually always run out of space on my guest OSes. This happened a few times before, but it wasn’t until my VM really froze up on me that i figured it [...]

Windows Metafile Crib Sheet

[ page last updated: Jan. 06, 2006. ] [ update: Microsoft has finally released it's Security update for WMF vulnerability. To apply the patch, simply visit the Windows Update web site, automatically scan for updates and install. ] Thanks Fuzzie for bringing this to my attention. The purpose of this article is to clearly lay [...]

Windows to Linux: Baby Steps.

Every so often, i get myself into an uncomfortable situation that involves me trying to explain to someone why they should to switch from Windows to Linux. It goes something like this, “because it’s faster, more secure, …” — but for some reason i just never know where to begin. I end up either confusing the person or just scaring them off with too much technical jargon.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list that compared Windows to Linux softwares, side-by-side. That way, i could describe the difference between the two operating systems in terms that people were already familiar with. Try Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, Thunderbird instead of Outlook Express.. and so on.

Microsoft: master of confusion and uncertainty

If my computer could speak, i wonder how it would respond to being told by Microsoft that it had been deemed obsolete. Even as i type these words on a computer running Windows 2000 Pro, i know deep down, that the end is near. I’m sure that many other users are also faced with the [...]

Minimize Windows 2K / XP

steps that can be taken to tighten security on these two operating systems (aside from installing a personal firewall). 1. minimize network services 2. Disable Microsoft Messenger Service – Here are the procedures: Windows 2000: * Click: Start/Settings/Control Panel * Open: Administrative Tools * Open: Services * Open: ‘Messenger’ Service * Click: Stop button * [...]