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site upgraded to WP 1.5.2

WordPress released version 1.5.2 – installed. Minor problem with jVisitors [corrected by upgrading the plugin to version 1.8]. New features include: – the ability to “Save and Continue Editing” pages (not just posts) – Post titles in Comment Feeds (to help identify the post) – No More Waiting indefinitely for posts after publishing them (ie: [...]

possible color schemes ~

These are some color schemes i might use in the next redesign – Nothing too fancy, i think i just need to stare at these for a couple more hours, or days…

Time to add some style ~

i’ve been considering doing a redesign of this site. right now, i’m aiming for a 2 week overhaul, but i might just go nuts one night and finish it sooner. until now i’ve tried to focus on getting comfortable with posting to this relatively new site, the wordpress issues, etc. but i’ve got lot’s of [...]