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WP 2.3.1 Plugin – Notify Admin Only of WordPress Updates

Notice: This is an older version. To Download the newest version of the Notify Admin Only plugin – go here. Well, WordPress 2.3.1 is out and if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t upgraded.. I know it was just released yesterday but for those of you who had already upgraded to WP2.3 within the [...]

Live Category-based OPML template for WordPress 2.0

ok, here’s a little something i’ve been messing with.. i wanted to generate an OPML file based on all the different types of feeds offered with the default WordPress installation. that is, every WP site has a “main” site feed (in rdf, rss, and atom), but there are also category (and subcategory) feeds, as well [...]

WordPress Plugin: Extended Live Archive | setup

I just installed Sons Of Skadi’s Extended Live Archive plugin for wordpress because the archives page on this site was getting a little out of control and i wanted to test out a few wordpress plugins that might help to make things a little bit more usable. The Extended Live Archive plugin uses javascript and [...]

Optimize WordPress for Seach Engines

These are some additional tips i picked up for getting better page rankings from site like google while using wordpress. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be found on another post entitled: SEO – 13 Basic Steps.

WordPress – Upgrade Revisited

So in my earlier post i named 5 files that needed to be replaced (according to the wordpress site) in order to upgrade to from without deleting all the files regularly required. Now i’m not so sure that this was all there is to it. An FrSIRT Advisory reporting on the wordpress vulnerability [...]

RSS plugin for WordPress

rssLinkList is definitely one of my favorite plugins. For those interested in giving it a try, version 0.8 can be downloaded from the WP plugin db. Note1: This plugin has changed it’s name from rssLinkList to Feed List. Note2: This plugin has moved and changed it’s name again from Feed List to FeedList. Please use [...]

Javascript inside WordPress posts

WordPress doesn’t actually allow you to insert any code into post, without some external plugin’s help. Sure, you can put some html and css in there but even that i’ve found has somewhat unsatisfactory results. Anyway, according to the WP site, to insert javascript you basically have 3 options: For jscript code appearing on all [...]

WordPress – Minor Upgrade

WordPress is out and i’ll spending a little while upgrading the various WP blogs i administer. Quick How-to for upgrading from to (Minor Upgrade) – Security Fix 1. Backup (db and files) 2. no changes were made to db so no need to run upgrade.php 3. Replace these 5 files: /wp-login.php /xmlrpc.php [...]

ping-o-matic and more

here’s a list of sites to ping from Wordpress posts. (thanks to Elliot Back for putting it all together).

actually, these seemed to seriously slow down the act of posting, so maybe not all the sites at once..