feeds fixed

the site feeds were complaining of an:

XML Parsing Error: xml processing instruction not at start of external entity

visitors who subscribed through Bloglines and Newsgator wouldn’t have noticed any problems, but if you tried to add the feed to Searchfox you’d get an error asking you to validate the feed or check to make sure that the site is online.

The feed was, in fact, invalid due to some additional white line-breaks at the bottom of a wordpress plugin that i had recently edited. The result caused a huge blank spot in the code, at the top of my rss feed (before the xml declaration, not good).

Anyway, once i figured out where the extra space was coming from, it was easy to correct (just delete the blank space). Now the feeds both validate (entries and comments), hopefully there was no harm done. i don’t think that this ever effected those who were already subscribed and just trying to reading the entries, still now everyone can see everything. alright then.

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