Honeynet Project: Collected Resources

This is a collection of resources taken from the The Honeynet Project website and related sites. The purpose was to hopefully organize and arrange most of the available information onto one page so it can be easily referenced.

For more about the founder, Lance Spitzner, and others that are involved visit – The Honeynet Project: Research Alliance

Here is a list of security related tools privided for use with honeynets.

These are 2 interesting chapters from the book, “Know Your Enemy, 2nd Edition”: (in .pdf format)

Chapter 8: Read the legal chapter, written by Richard Salgado of the Department of Justice.
Author Bios: Learn who the authors are, their experiences, background, and skills.

Honeywall CDROM:
The Honeywall CDROM combines all the functionality below onto a robust CDROM instllation solution. Based on our latest GenIII technologies, it automates the process of installation while giving you all the tools you need to easily manage and analyze your honeynet deployments. This is the Online User Manual.

The first place to start:
Before attempting to install from the cdrom, The Honeynet Project recommends reading and understanding at least the following 3 articles (taken from a entitled:”Know Your Enemy Whitepapers“) -

* KYE: Honeynets
* KYE: Gen2 Honeynets
* KYE: Honeywall CDROM Roo

Other information:
» How to boot and run from VMware; Deploying Honeywall Using VMware.
» A text file on Configuring Tripwire for honeynets.

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