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[ page last updated: Dec. 16, 2005. ]

As far as i can tell, these 4 new features where just added to Gmail:

  1. favorite RSS (Web Clips) [ update: this was still pretty broken as of dec.14/05 ]
  2. View as HTML (for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or .pdf attachments)
  3. shortcuts on the right (maps, UPS tracking and other info)
  4. Virus scanning (ingoing and outgoing emails and attachments)
  5. update: Gmail Mobile (visit
  6. update: Vacation auto-responder
  7. update: Contact groups (send messages to a group)

All of which are cool but it is the 4th one: Virus scanning that is the main reason i haven’t completely moved away from Yahoo!Mail yet. That is not to say that i haven’t opened a Gmail account and set up forwarding to point to both accounts. i obviously had to see what all the fuss was about. but, i wasn’t prepared to just cancel my old email address.

i like what Yahoo has been doing over the last year or so and i would hate to abandon the trusty web-based email service that have served me so well for over 6 years now, but..

since i don’t have access to a Yahoo!Mail beta account and therefore cannot see what is going on behind the scenes with regards to the potentially awesome “new” version of their email service, i would not be surprised to find myself using Gmail exclusively at some point in the near future.

My impression is that there are just too many good applications out there (Web2.0 or otherwise), and so nobody really has time to keep two, redundant, parallel services in use on a day-to-day basis. A feature like virus scanning is important enough in today’s market to cause people to switch from one service to the next. As such, many who were holding off on using Gmail, hoping to get to use the new Yahoo!Mail already, will ultimately cave in and sign up with google.

Moreover, i’ve noticed that Gmail has more options for importing and exporting things like contacts, etc. – something that will likely encourage new-comers and make existing users feel more comfortable (export features are important to users who are concerned about getting “locked” into a specific software). Also, i think that Gmail does a better job at filtering emails with no apparent limit to the number of filter you can set up. Yahoo!Mail lets you set up a maximum of 15 filters. Two more things that have been annoying with the current Yahoo!Mail service.

You can read more about the new features that Gmail just launched by heading over to: About Gmail.

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  1. HuLsH wrote:

    I had a problem with my V800 I got a “certificate not valid” error. Finally I solved the problem and enjoyed in yet another excellent app from Google. The only problem is that you can use it only for checking GMail account. With another program that I use I watch my other accounts. I will try to think of a reason why should I use Gmail mobile. When I can do all off that on my old app Movamail

    Posted 27 Nov 2006 at 6:44 am
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