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I recently wrote about a web-based service called that can monitor your servers, 24/7 – sending you an email notification if any of them stop responding.

Well, they noticed my review, and i’m not sure if it was just a coincidence, but the next time i logged into their system – there were even more new features available to me.

For one thing, it looks like the number of protocols that can test has almost doubled.

You can now monitor the following 11 internet protocols:

http, ping, https, ftp, pop, smtp, dns, tcp, udp, imap, and sip (for VoIP).

I just wish they would add a way to monitor mysql servers. Not exactly sure how that would be done, but for now i suppose i can just try monitoring the URL (http) of the phpMyAdmin page for my database server. If that page doesn’t respond – but the URL for the webserver does – it’s like my database server is down.

The other thing i noticed was the addition of 3 new icons on the “Test” module that make it easier to switch between real-time table, bar chart, and line chart views. [ more screenshots ]

3 new icons make switching views ever easier

Now, if only would remember the view i was on the last time i logged in – i’d be set. See, the problem is, once i actually went ahead and setup a bunch of servers to monitor, i also decided to take the time to manually switch each “Test” module from table view to line view. i prefer the line view but then if i leave the site, the next time i come back and log in, all my views have been reset to table view again. Very frustrating. I wish it would just stay on line view.

Fortunately, the “Snapshot” module is always a quick way to see the status of all your servers – so that can definitely save you some time. But, in my opinion, the best way to see how your servers have been performing throughout the day, is to use the line view. i’m not exactly sure how hard it would be to impliment this kind of memory feature, but i think it might be worth considering. At the very least, offer a global “default” view in my settings, where i can choose between table, bar, or line view as my preference.

Another fix they seemed to have implimented solves the problem of “constant page refreshes” – something else that i had mentioned in my earlier review of – which was a real problem for me if you’re using Firefox and have a billion tabs open with one tab that just won stop refreshing. Now i can leave the tab open all day with no apparent performance issues.

The last thing i’d like to see from would be a way to make the google gadget (or rather the javascript used to put this gadget on any webpage) publicly viewable. That is, once i put the code on my website, i noticed that i had to be logged in to see the “Snapshot”. Meaning, nobody else could see the little green “online” lights but me. It would be a lot more useful to me to be able to show my clients (or anyone) that all my servers are online. It’s not exactly sensitive information (anyone could just ping the server to see if it’s online) and making this widget “publicly viewable” would likely make it more attractive to other webmasters, since it becomes a useful tool to share with all viewers, not just 1 person (yourself).

Anyway, i really like this service and i’m sure they’ll find a ton of ways to refine and expand it’s capabilities. I did happen to notice that there is a “Click to Start” button on the top-righthand side of the homepage, that if you click on it, remembers you from the last time you were logged in. This was something that i must have missed when i wrote my original review because i kept having to log in over and over again (every time i came back to the site). i’m going to go back and update that section on my ealier post as soon as i get a chance. i’ll definitely be using this service regularly from now on.

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  1. Avoyan wrote:

    Thanks for the positive review! Quick comment – there is a way to save your current line chart view – enter edit and click save. We probably need to do autosave although. You comments regardig the Google widget are also valid.

    Posted 27 Oct 2006 at 2:27 am
  2. elran wrote:

    hi Avoyan,

    thanks for stopping by.

    you know, it’s funny.. i actually tried using the save button (because i noticed it was new) and it didn’t seem to do anything for me. but i’ll definitely go back and try again.

    let me know (in the comments) if you can get the google widget to share with the public – i’ll update the post accordingly.

    keep up the great work!

    Posted 27 Oct 2006 at 3:56 am
  3. Avoyan wrote:

    Your ideas about public widgets sounds good for us and we will do that. We got also other requests for that feature.


    Posted 27 Oct 2006 at 2:57 pm
  4. Hovhannes Avoyan wrote: team just launched beta of their premium monitoring service line at Complete UI redesign and checks every 5 min, also some advanced features.

    Posted 27 Mar 2007 at 2:54 pm
  5. Andrew wrote:

    Great idea to monitor mysql by hitting the admin page – that’ll be extremely informative in helping me with some database issues, thanks!

    Posted 29 May 2007 at 12:18 pm