SEO – 13 Basic Steps

[ page last updated: July 20, 2005. ]

Here are some does and don’ts regarding SEO, including ways of improving a site’s ranking on search engines like google.

Note: This is a summary of the advice provided by, the complete list can be found by visiting their site.

Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  1. According to research done by Entireweb 31% of people enter 2 word phrases into search engines, 25% of all users look for 3 word combinations and only about 19% of them try their luck with only a single word.
  2. Do not choose broad keywords that are under fierce competition, narrow keywords that nobody looks for, or keywords don’t relate to your site.
  3. Do not use keywords or images with filenames or ALT attributes that may get your site filtered or banned from search engines.
  4. For best results, optimize one page for one keyword, and use lots of relevant content, well laid out into separate pages.
  5. The title tag should not be any longer than 70-100 characters, including spaces ( Google – DMOZ ), and 60 characters ( ).
  6. The title should not begin with the domain name. It is often considered as spam.
  7. The Meta Description Tag shouldn’t be any longer than 25-30 words ( DMOZ ), 100 characters ( Google ), 150 characters ( ), and 200 characters ( ).
  8. The Meta Keywords Tag shouldn’t be any longer than 268 characters ( AltaVista ), 378 characters ( referring to google ).
  9. Separate keywords with the “, ” ( comma, space ) character combination. ( Most search engines use either character as the separator ).
  10. You should not use any Meta Keywords, not even within phrases (which are also allowed) more than 3 times. It is often considered as spam.
  11. The text in the body of the page should contain the keywords right at the beginning.
  12. Do not overuse keywords. Neither keyword should take up more than 12-24% of the entire body text. It is often considered as spam.
  13. Do not use too much content right on the front page. Both loading time and redundancy of additional words used will reduce the chance of showing up in relevant searches.

Again, these basic steps are just a condensed set of suggestions taken from a much longer list provided by Be sure to compare these recommendations to the
Webmaster Guidelines provided by For additional information be sure to read: The little list of SEO sites.

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