Symphony OS Alpha 3

[ page last updated: Aug. 14, 2005. ]

I have to remember to keep an eye out for this up and coming Linux Distribution. From the screenshots [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] on their site, it looks really different. It is still only in the alpha stages at this time, and i should probably wait at least until a beta version comes out before i try to install it / test it out.. but who know’s, maybe i’ll try it out sooner.

It kind of reminded me of what i had hoped the Project Looking Glass would be. Looking Glass is an Open Source Operating System described as an innovative 3D environment and is currently being developed by Sun Microsystems.

The Alpha 4 version is supposed to have some major improvements, it is due to be released sometime in july ’05. Will definitely check back soon.

Update: Symphony OS Alpha 4 version is now available for download (as of Aug 3, 2005). New features include: graphical package manager (Synaptic), better search capabilities (Beagle), new configuration tools, and more. Looking forward to the Beta 1 version, which is the next build to be released.

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