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Round 2: Video-based Social Networking Reviewed

My previous article covered 3 major players in the video-based social networking space. Catch up on what i said about YouTube, Guba, and Jumpcut or just wing it and read on.. This time around i’ll be reviewing 3 relatively new web services. Each of these sites is unique in some way, and offers its own [...]

3 Video-based Social Networks Reviewed

Over the last few days i’ve had the opportunity to try out 3 excellent social networking services. All of them have built their communities around the concept that people want to upload and share video files with their friends and family – they just needed a central place to do it in. Well, today it [...]

Web-based Video Editing with Jumpcut

[ Update: Well, it looks like Jumpcut was aquired by Yahoo! [ page last updated: Sept. 27, 2006. ] I came across Jumpcut a few days ago and although i am not a video artist myself, i keep thinking of great ways that people could use this service. Jumpcut is a site that will let [...]

Blogshares – Welcome to the desert of the Real

Remember, this is just a game. A really, really complex and sophisticated game.
While you probably won’t lose your shirt if you play, it all seems pretty real to me. It’s real enough that professors, engineers, even financial writers have commented on the game. If you have a blog (or read them on a regular basis), and you haven’t heard of it yet, BlogShares is a site that tracks blogs and ranks them based on their total number of incoming links. If this sounds familiar to you, let me assure you there is way more to this game than just rankings.