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I have been seeing a surge in sites that employ Technorati tags within their anchored text. I believe that will become an even more powerful resource within the next year or so. Last I checked, it was already ranked at 1,796 by Alexa Traffic Rankings.

In July, there was a spike in both the site’s page rank and page views. No doubt this number was a bit inflated by the fact that bloggers probably have more time on their hands in the summer. However, this number seems to be tapering off as we enter the second half of July, although some might attribute this to the Google PageRank update that occured recently. Still, considering it increased it’s rank by 1,166 in the last 3 months, i think that it might be poised to crack the top 500 (out of all other websites combined).

For those who are unfamiliar with Technorati, it is essetially a site that tracks, in real-time (nearly) what other bloggers are talking about. It is currently tracking 13.5 million sites and 1.3 billion links. Technorati tags are like search terms, and today many blogging softwares like , , , , and are already creating Technorati tags out of the very categories that you’ve created in your favorite software. But aside from using these tags to optimize their blogs, i noticed that you can also use the additional series of links and photos along the right-hand side of the keyword search results page to increase you site’s exposure.

From the Technorati Help Page:

The photos come from Flickr and Buzznet, two online photo sharing communities. If you’d like your photos to appear on our tag pages, join Flickr or join Buzznet and post your photos there. And remember to tag ‘em! Technorati includes public photographs tagged by members of Flickr and Buzznet.

The links come from web-based bookmark services Delicious and Furl. If you would like to contribute links to Technorati Tag pages, you can join Delicious or join Furl and post some links.

I am not exactly sure what the relationship between each of these 5 sites is, but i can definitely see their value from a web marketing perspective. As far as search engines are concerned, this interlinking allows site owners to improve their overall page ranking, by increasing the potential for developing referral or inbound links. It will definitely be interesting to see how these sites develop in the coming months.

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