Time to add some style ~

i’ve been considering doing a redesign of this site. right now, i’m aiming for a 2 week overhaul, but i might just go nuts one night and finish it sooner. until now i’ve tried to focus on getting comfortable with posting to this relatively new site, the wordpress issues, etc. but i’ve got lot’s of ideas, so i thought i’d make a list.

2 approaches: (to be decided at the last possible moment)

  1. all-or-nothing (change everything at once)
  2. step-by-step (gradually change the site)

major decisions:

  1. site name: TechBlog? not sure if there’s much i can do about this now
  2. site logo: none (3D box is borrowed from open journal)
  3. color scheme: still undecided. i might change the default from red to blue (top right set of links) and see how i like it..
  4. 2 or 3 column template: i still favor the 3 column.

main goals:

  1. visual appeal – design is everything (bright colors, fresh feel, memorable, some images and icons)
  2. simple interface – less clutter (still packed with info but you don’t feel it)
  3. more character, reflecting my personality (including a description of the author of this blog, me)

added functionality (maybe):

  • codeviewer plugin
  • tag.licio.us plugin
  • collapsable more link plugin
  • random quote plugin

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